Using Phone Number Verification APIs to Validate Phone Numbers

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Whether it’s thwarting scammers or boosting sales, phone number verification software is one of those tools that should be at the forefront of your tech toolbox. But it’s not enough to simply validate a number as real; you also need to understand who owns that number and what line type it is.

That’s where a phone number verification software comes in, allowing you to validate a number quickly and effectively, while still returning relevant data that helps you understand who’s behind the digits. A good verification service will offer a low friction method of checking a phone number by using a simple form of Turing test to check if the telephone is answered by a human or a piece of equipment (such as a fax, voice mMail, modem, etc). It should also work across lines and platforms, meaning it’s as effective for verifying landlines as it is for mobiles.

Dialing in Accuracy: Exploring the Best Phone Number Verification Software Solutions

Additionally, a phone verification API should return additional information, such as the name of the carrier, which is especially important if you use it in a contact database or for two-step verification methods to verify users on a website or app. It’s also good to have retry buffers built in to prevent accidentally spamming users or hitting API rate limits.

The best phone number validator APIs will also support multiple countries, ping the carrier to sift out unused numbers and identify disposable or temporary mobile phone numbers used by fraudsters. They’ll also allow you to keep marketing lists clean, only keeping accurate data to help maximize business performance.

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