IPQualityScore Phone Number Verifier

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Phone Number Verifier – Real-Time Active Number Check

IPQualityScore’s IPQS phone number validator verification solution uses global carrier intelligence to verify the validity of phone numbers during registrations, checkouts, and lead form submissions. It also performs a real-time phone provider lookup to determine if the number is active and connected to their service. This is important because a number that is active can help you identify fraudulent users and chargebacks.

Carrier Details & Line Types globally (Landline, Cellular, VOIP, Prepaid) – IPQS connects directly to telecom backbones from major carriers worldwide to quickly and accurately detect if a phone number is active or disconnected. This allows you to enrich data with risk information including if the number is registered in the Do Not Call Registry and whether or not they have a prepaid plan or a credit card account.

Maximizing Deliverability: How IPQS Phone Validator Can Help Improve Your SMS and Voice Campaigns

IPQS’s phone number reputation score is based on over 30 signals that analyze abusive behavior, fake accounts, fraud, and suspicious payments. This score helps your business logic understand whether a user’s account is worth risking.

Reputation & Fraud Scores are updated in real-time and are displayed within your dashboard. Use this reputation score to block or flag a number as high-risk to improve your business’s ability to identify abusive behavior and chargebacks.

Verify the Country & Format for each Number Using a Multi-country Phone Verification API or Bulk List Processing

This phone number validation product supports multiple countries and formats and is available in REST, SFTP, or UI Export. You can choose which method to use based on your data requirements and subscription budget.

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