What to Look For in a Passport Sleeve

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A passport sleeve is an accessory that adds style and protection to one of your most important travel items. There are many different options available from the local designer store to your favorite online retailer, and each one offers a unique blend of materials and design elements. Before you begin your search, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind.

Passport covers protect the cover of your passport from normal wear and tear, as well as from spilled liquids or rain. They also help make it easier to identify your passport in a bag or luggage.

Travel Smart: Functional and Stylish Passport Sleeves

Most passport holders come in a range of colors, styles, and degrees of functionality. The most basic options are simply a sleeve that covers your passport, much like a book jacket. Some have a more modern aesthetic, with graphics and other fun accents that can really pop. Others feature added pockets or zippers that double as a travel wallet, allowing you to carry credit cards, ID cards, business cards, frequent flyer information, and boarding passes in addition to your passport.

The only downside of a passport cover is that it may slow down your process at security or customs as the officer will need to remove it to scan and stamp. However, this is a minor inconvenience that is easily offset by the convenience and comfort offered by the addition of a passport cover. In the end, a passport cover is a smart and stylish investment for any discerning traveler.

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