What to Look For in a Baby Rattle Toy

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baby rattle toy

A baby rattle toy makes a noise when shaken or banged. Babies love these toys because they are fun and provide a sense of discovery. They also help improve hand coordination, sensory development and visual tracking skills.

A good quality Estella – baby rattle toys will be soft and gentle on the gums, which is important for teething babies. They can be made from wood or plastic and are available in hundreds of colors, shapes, sizes and designs.

The age at which babies like a baby rattle depends on the type of noise it makes. Some rattles make a jingling or bell sound when shaken, while others might have animals or flower shapes.

The Science Behind Baby Rattle Toys: How They Stimulate Cognitive Development

Babies can start grasping a baby rattle at around 10 weeks old. They’re still too small to pick up objects, but a baby rattle can keep them entertained until they’re able to grab something with their hands.

As a baby’s hand and finger strength increases, they’re able to grasp and manipulate more complex toys with their thumbs and index fingers. Rattle toys with loud sounds encourage hand-eye coordination, which can help babies learn to crawl, reach and pull to stand.

When looking for a baby rattle, consider the following criteria: 1). Is it safe? It’s important to look for a toy that is at least 2 inches in diameter so it doesn’t pose a choking risk. It should also be free of sharp edges, chips or parts that could break off and pose a choking hazard.

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