Latest Muay Thai News

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The latest Muay Thai news is centered on a recent death in Thailand. Phanphet Phadungchai, a former world champion, died from a severe elbow strike that was landed on his jaw. His lifeless body was rushed to a Bangkok hospital.

While Muay Thai is considered a combat sport, it is also considered one of the most แทงมวยไทยออนไลน์ ดีที่สุด and graceful martial arts. It is a popular martial art in Thailand, and it is considered Thailand’s national sport. In the near future, the sport will make a competitive appearance in the 2023 European Games in Krakow. The sport has been gaining momentum, and many people have a genuine passion for it.

In the recent past, two Burmese boxers have fought in Thailand. In one case, Nai Khanom Tom fought a Burmese boxer in order to establish the reputation of Thai boxing. However, Nai Khanom Tom’s last opponent was a boxing teacher from Ya Kai City who volunteered to fight Nai Khanom Tom. During the fight, the Burmese boxer was beaten severely by the Thai boxer.

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