How to Get Rid of a Septum Piercing

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Although septum piercing is not considered a medical procedure, there are certain steps that you must follow afterward to ensure a quick recovery. Among these steps is daily cleaning with a solution made of non-iodized sea salt and distilled water.

If You’re Interested in Getting Your Septum Pierced

The most common method of septum piercing is to puncture the skin between the nostrils. The location of this piercing depends on the “sweet spot” for the piercer. Typically, the columella is the tip of the nose, which has a thin layer of skin. Septum piercing is a relatively easy procedure, but it does come with certain risks and complications.

While the pain associated with septum piercing is low, it does require careful cooperation on your part and the piercer’s expertise. In addition to the pain threshold, septum piercing is not more painful than any other nostril piercing. It is a good idea to seek medical advice before undergoing the procedure. Afterward, you can wear jewelry for a few days. It is best to wear a comfortable pair of shoes while you’re at it.

The process of replacing the jewellery on your septum can be tricky. A piercer will most likely want to massage it with a little oil first. Then, they will insert an insertion pin, which should be one or two gauges larger than your initial jewellery. This pin should push through the septum, line up with the new plug, and push it out. The process can be repeated as needed, but never exceeds one mm every month. Remember, it is important to listen to your body and replace the septum jewellery when necessary.

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