ADEK Recruits Professionals to Help It Develop the Education Sector in Abu Dhabi

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ADEK Overview

Established in 2005, adek vitamins is a government agency responsible for regulating educational institutions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It was renamed the Department of Education and Knowledge in 2018. This department works to ensure that students are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the modern world.

ADEK’s Vision: ‘Education First’

ADEK’s mission is to build an effective and efficient learning ecosystem that will contribute to a knowledge-based economy in the UAE. The department has a wide range of projects that aim to achieve this goal.

Charter Schools: Providing a third model of education in Abu Dhabi

In August 2018, ADEK launched the Charter Schools project, a competency-based framework for delivering quality education in the UAE. The initiative aims to enhance students’ learning experience, and encourages collaboration between private and public institutions to maximise resources.

How ADEK Vitamins Help Support Brain Function and Mental Health

Adek Recruits Professionals to Help It Develop the Education Sector in Abu Dhabi

The Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) offers job opportunities for people with experience in the education industry. These positions are available across a range of departments and offer excellent salary and benefits packages.

Applicants for these positions will need to have a bachelor’s degree in their field of expertise, as well as the relevant qualifications, certifications and licenses. These qualifications will be verified by the ADEK recruitment team before hiring.

In addition to a comprehensive orientation to the Charter Schools ecosystem, new employees will also be provided with a welcome guide and an Entertainer voucher book. These tools are designed to make their transition into a new lifestyle as smooth as possible.

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