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Window Tint Sydney – What Level of Darkness is Legal on Passenger Vehicles?

Tinting your car windows is a popular and effective modification that can improve the aesthetics of your vehicle while blocking out harsh UV rays. However, the level of darkness you can tint your windows varies by state and territory, and violating window tint laws can lead to fines. This article will give you a basic rundown of Australia’s window tint laws and help you understand what level of darkness is legal on passenger vehicles.

During the Australian summer, your car can become extremely hot and uncomfortable to drive in. This is due to the sun’s heat and damaging UV rays. Excessive heat can also cause the plastic and leather in your vehicle to degrade, and it can make the interior look old and worn. This can damage your interior and increase the cost of repairs.

Shade & Style: Your Window Tinting Solution in Sydney

Window tint in sydney is an excellent way to reduce the amount of heat your car generates, and it can also protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Professional installers can apply tint films that are both affordable and high-quality, and they can ensure that your new windows comply with NSW’s window tint laws.

While most people associate car window tinting with dark films, there are clear tints as well. For example, 3M’s Crystalline Series is a clear window tint that rejects up to 60 percent of solar energy and 99 percent of the heat-producing infrared radiation (although the company doesn’t cite a minimum protection level). It’s important to consult with an experienced installer when choosing a tint film for your vehicle.